Hướng Dẫn Translation Workshop

at workshop page, you can will all your projects

you can view uploaded raw images or your translation there

add new project just like add new manga chapter

Bạn cần chọn manga và đặt title cho project ... tất nhiên phải upload ảnh raw lên dịch, Order của ảnh sẽ được hệ thống tính toán dựa vào tên của ảnh

Or you can sync images from chapter on otakusan.net via chapter Id

or from raw site otakuscan.net

To translate, please press "translation" in "raw files"

click on any where on image to insert your translation. you con drag and drop the translate panel by draging a green drag bar

the translation is on the raw image. editor can view and edit it

To edit or deleted, click on the translation on the raw

please click on "finish" button when you finish translation

You can click "finish" on list screen or on button bar on translation screen

when you all finish and editing is done. please press "Close Project" button

REMEMBER! only close project when all finished. the translation was deleted and can not recovered